The Moneythink YPB

Moneythink’s Young Professionals Board is a group of volunteers committed to keeping higher education and economic mobility within reach for all students.

About Us

We are young professionals from various backgrounds and industries, all passionate about access to higher education.

Our Work

Explore how the YPB’s work supports our parent nonprofit organization, Moneythink, and its college affordability tool DecidED.

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Learn more about what you can do to support our efforts, join the YPB or get in touch with our team.

Whether providing strategic insights, advising product enhancements, or securing essential resources, the YPB is a vital partner in delivering Moneythink’s, “Less Debt, More Degrees” mission. Our team is grateful for the many impactful contributions made by the YPB!”

Greg Nance, Moneythink Chairman and Co-founder

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Our Goals

The YPB is a group of professionals, aged 22-39, who are passionate about financial inclusion and access to higher education for all students. Participation in the YPB allows its members to gain hands-on experience, grow their community leadership, and develop their personal and professional networks while working side by side with nonprofit staff. From lending pro-bono operational support, consulting on organizational strategy, to supporting economic sustainability, and more, the YPB is an extension of the Moneythink national team.

Involvement in the YPB is organized across four subcommittees — Marketing, Partnerships, Product, and Fundraising — each of which support and work together with Moneythink’s team to provide tangible value and support on special projects and initiatives.

About Moneythink

Moneythink’s decade-long focus on empowering under-served high school and college students inspires us to be a strong force for good.”

Joshua Lachs, Moneythink CEO

Economic justice is what Moneythink is all about. Moneythink empowers college bound students, particularly historically underserved students, to achieve success by supporting financial decision-making through transparency and technology. One of Moneythink’s biggest goals is to provide necessary tools to reduce student loan debt. The YPB supports and advances this work through board membership and subcommittee projects. Learn more about Moneythink.

About Moneythink

With your support, the YPB is able to bolster Moneythink’s mission to promote economic equity for all students. All donated funds go directly to support the services of our parent organization, Moneythink.

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